I’m totally Jonesing right now.  I haven’t had an addiction in years, but guess what?  I found out about HOARDERS (a la Netflix).  [Compulsive Hoarding:  excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary.]

You can ask anybody: I don’t believe Reality TV; it’s staged, scripted, and sensationalized.  In fact, I’m a movie person; at least movies don’t dupe dopes with dubious drama.  But watching Hoarders is like driving by a car crash: it’s disturbing and heinous, but you can’t stop staring.

I am not a hoarder; quite the opposite—probably because I’ve known several hoarders (of varying degrees).  Not a week goes by that I’m not hauling a bag of stuff to the Salvation Army.  (I have a theory that clutter has a reproductive system.)  Seeing these TV episodes is, I think, helping me better understand the tendency of some people to keep so much.  Driving through suburbia, we can see how prolific this is:  we see yards piled with toys, and garages filled to the gills.

I don’t believe it’s a disease.  But it IS disorder! (haha)  To me it appears more like laziness, selfishness, arrogance, insecurity, foolishness, disorganization, or a combination thereof.  Whatever the individual cause, it always seems to be—yes, I’m going to say it—incremental.  Things don’t reel out of control overnight.

Another benefit from watching Hoarders is seeing people get a glimpse at themselves.  Some apparently appreciate the help and second chance, even exhibiting signs of contrition.  Others just continue to rationalize their addiction.

Speaking of addictions….


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