At The Window


= – = – =

You’ve heard of a Two A.M. Feeding?

Well, I had a Two A.M. Pleading.

I got to the end of me.

= – = – =

Spurgeon wrote that a man’s not astray

Just as long as he can still pray.

At the window, you see.

= – = – =

It’s colder and wet this Tuesday morn,

And I find myself a little forlorn.

On vacation, I would be.

=  – = – =

But prayer brings about conviction;

Gives perspective to my light affliction.

Opening the curtain’s the key.

= – = – =

Nothing is gained by wearing a frown,

Letting life’s burdens weigh you down.

So I’ll be a busy bee!

= – = – =

Today I’ll do weeding, laundry, and bills,

While my friends hang at the lake to chill.

Yay – I still have one knee.

= – = – =

No worries—this poem is not a lament;

There is really no call for discontent.

Christ has made me free.

= – = – =

At the risk of sounding cold or crass,

I know this caregiver job shall pass.

Sunny days, I foresee.

= – = – =

In the meantime, if my gut starts churning,

I stop and remember all I’m learning.

That’s what it’s about!  ‘Agree?

= – = – =

“Like the trees in winter, we may say of the praying man, when his heart is greatly troubled, “his substance is in him, though he has lost his leaves.” Prayer is the soul’s breath, and if it breathes it lives, and, living it will gather strength again.”   

~~ C.H.S.

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