Sent Out the S. O. S.

You’ve gotta love eHow.  I’ve giggled before at their intros, and the one I read today was no exception.  Here were the first two lines:  “How to Ask For Help”  (Difficulty: Easy)

LOL For WHO?  Not ME!

But easy or not, I did it.  Yes, today, I called hospice.  And actually, for somebody who hates to ask for help, they made it easy.

eHow, Step 1: “Know to ask for help before frustration and anger take over. … 

Man!  If only I’d read this article eight months ago!

eHow, Step 2:  Leave behind feelings of shame and embarrassment. …

I had not been embarrassed to ask for help.  I just don’t think we needed it before.  But Effie’s condition has changed this last round.  Of course, the nurses will know best, but – from where I’m standing – I think it’s time to send out in S. O. S.

eHow, Step 3:  Talk to someone who you’re close to…if you’re… intimidated asking for help…

I violated this rule!  I did not talk to someone.  I talked to everybody.  Thanks, Everybody!  Seriously, I have bounced the option off of so many ears that it’ll take a week to reverse the inertia.

eHow, Step 4:  State clearly what it is that would be helpful and be specific. …

I dare say that kind person at hospice would have preferred I’d been less specific.  Yeah.  I was definitely specific.  Definitely.  Definitely specific.

eHow, Step 5:  Abstain from whining when you’re doing too much. …

Again, if only I’d read this article eight months ago!

eHow, Step 6:  Say thank you. …

This lady didn’t hurry me off the phone, even when I gave her an out a few times.  And I thanked her for it.  The reason I made this phone call was to set us up with a resource when things get dicey.  But, frankly, as she listed various things they can help with [[if I want them]], I found myself thinking, “Hm.  That sounds good.”

I guess I’ll close this blog by asking those who pray, to pray—that God will make clear to us what to do, and when, that the nurses visiting Effie will have her best interest in mind, that David will have strength for whatever God has ordained, and that I will be a good girl. 

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8 Responses to Sent Out the S. O. S.

  1. Amy says:

    Praying for you, Sister 🙂

  2. Toni says:

    You are definitely in my prayers!

  3. Justme says:

    So glad that you made the call. When the time comes to need and use some of those resources most of your work will be done. And at a time where you are able to think clearly and not under the stress of needing to act immediately. Good call! (pun intended). Always praying for you and yours.

  4. Prayers will be continued for you all. I know it’s not an easy decision, but it is reassuring that help is there when you need it most. We used hospice for my dad (of course, his condition was nothing like Effie’s), and they were wonderful.

    • elsiephoebe says:

      Thanks for keeping us in prayer, Mama. We chose the company a friend of mine works for; if she, and the woman I spoke to yesterday, are any example–it will be a good fit.

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