Something’s In The Air (Again)

= – = – =
‘Had a pretty busy day today,
No real time to blog.
But just as I was headed to bed,
A skunk done sprayed the dog.
So why not write a few things down,
While Lily keeps him wet,
And Dad heads to the grocery store,
A few needed items to get.
= – = – =
Meanwhile, here, I’m placing things
Discreetly on the porch,
To get them to Lily, like a leper
Man, I’m a major dork.
This day’s been weird from the very start—
Some things I cannot say;
But I’m praying for L & J, R & C,
And M and the 3A’s.
= – = – =
We did have a bright spot this afternoon,
With Effie in the yard.
When she’s got her English,
Something like that is really not that hard.
The summer breeze did us all some good—
We were really having fun;
Then I had to giggle when she asked
If I would make her liver and onions.
= – = – =
I said No (because I can),
But her next one nearly made me vomit:
She actually said, about the liver and onions,
“I could put some syrup on it.”
I told Lily, “Oh, this is great;
Get me paper and pencil—STAT.”
When Effie saw me writing, she wanted to try:
She wrote a “B”! How’s that?
= – = – =
And then Effie looked me in the eyes
And said, “You know what I really like?”
I couldn’t wait: “What do you like?” 
“…BUTTER.”  Oh, that, I had to write.
She continued scribbling (she was writing a letter),
Figuring what she should say:
“I’ll tell her I’m pregnant!  No, I’m just kidding.” 
We all laughed. HaHa! What a day!
= – = – =

 David got home from the store and was laughing as he related to me the frightened look on the cashier’s face.  It was after midnight, and he was buying hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, rubber gloves, douche, and Vaseline!

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