Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

This planet is getting to be a weird place to hang out.  The economy’s out of equilibrium, the country’s careening out of control, and the headlines are a heart-break. [I just wrote what I’d like to see happen to that guy in Norway, but had to delete it. >_< ]

In spite of all this, statistics indicate we aren’t letting it get us down.  Sedate TV commercials aside, 90 to 95 percent of Americans are not depressed!

Those of us without a “mental disorder” are hanging on by a thread, but we’re hanging on.  As for me, it’s all God.  As I wrote earlier this week, part of how He sustains me is through people in my life, precious souls from which I derive (and hopefully reciprocate) strength and support.  Without such blessings from God, and His Word, we’d all be goners.

Though I’m big boned, I’m feeling rather delicate lately—like Fiberglas: outwardly smooth and strong; but one sideways thump is all it would take.  There are a number of scenarios going on, and I find myself wanting to know who my friends are.  Do you know who your friends are?  I made a quick list of actions that denote a good friendship:





Common ground









As I wrote earlier this week, I have some amazing friends.  Most of them have manifested over half of these qualities.  Three actually have shown 12 out of 13!  Some categories carry more weight than others: integrity, for instance; nobody likes a liar.  In fact, if I don’t perceive a person has integrity, I don’t count them as a friend.  Likewise, I certainly want to be known for being truthful and honest, if nothing else!

The world may be going mad, but in my little corner there remain a number of Attentive, Authentic people of Loyal Love, Understanding Trust, Dependable Common Ground, and/or Enriching Encouragement and Admonishment.

If you’re reading today,


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7 Responses to Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

  1. lumpy lori says:

    please, please let me be one of those friends – I don’t necessarily have any of those wonderful characteristics, but one thing I do have – the need for a good friend, and you’re it. You’ve exemplified so many of those same qualities and that’s why you’re that friend I cherish.

    Oh dear Lord, help me to be a good friend, not perfect, I know, but one that You are working on to produce in me some of those qualities that my friend Laura spoke of. And may you grant to her many friends that love and support her”

    Love ya,

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    Ease up, L. You are one of the three 12’s. In our friendship you consistently engage in all 13. But I didn’t want it to go to your head. 😉 And yes! I echo your prayer: “Lord, help us be good–friends.”

  3. Her Husband says:

    I think I’ll chime in here.
    You’re the best friend I’ve ever had/have.
    I don’t know what I would do without you.

  4. lumpy lori says:

    now I’m going to cry

    ditto, ditto, ditto

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