Did we do ANYTHING in July?

This is the first summer in 8 years I have not been preparing as Camp Cook, and the first summer in 15 years I have not been preparing for homeschool.  To accommodate this schedule, and still somehow provide a fun summer for my family, typically we jammed a whole summer of activities into July.

This year, not so.  I take care of Effie.  That’s what I do.  Today I found myself wondering, “What did I do in July? Anything?”  It’s a good thing I keep a journal.  It turns out I did loads of fun stuff!

…met 3 nice health care professionals.

…helped with 1 major yard project.

…hosted 1 baby shower.

…studied 6 chapters in Galatians.

…participated at 10 church and club meetings.

…wrote 1 poem for somebody.

…hosted 3 barbecues and 5 dinners.

…got invited to 1 dinner.

…had 1 breakfast out with friends.

…attended 1 outdoor concert.

…went to 1 square dance.

…had 11 coffees with friend(s).

…visited 1 daughter at Horse Fair.

…wrote 19 blogs.

…made 2 scrapbooks.

…watched 5 movies

…had 1 mental health day.

That’s a total of 73 fun things.  Pretty good, for 31 days in the life of a caregiver/homemaker/wife.

‘Funny; when I started this blog, I thought July would add up to another “Laura’s Lament.”  …‘Turns out, it was more like Counting My Blessings.  Something I’d do well to do every single day, not just at the end of the month.

Okay, so today’s blessings:  Coffee Cronies, Costco Coupons, Cuckoo Cleaning, Club Conference, Canine Containment, and Comfy Confidants.

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