Surprise Inspection

Today the nurse showed up a few hours early.  She thought she’d called about it.  But it “ain’t no thang”:  it’s not like she’d arrive when we aren’t home!  Besides: she brought me flowers.  Flowers cover a multitude of faux pas.

Surprise inspection, maybe?  Nah; that’s not their style.  It’s not government-related, for one thing; and as I mentioned before:  they defer to us, not the other way around.  She was going on vacation, and we were her only remaining patient.  I’d do the same thing if I were her (and if I could leave town).

All that said, I’m glad I had my ducks in a row.  Other than having to escort her around the pop cans a la my sis, things were in order.  If I had been inspected (which I wasn’t), No Worries: Effie was clean, dry, dressed, and fed.  Actually, there was an ant sighting. I informed the nurse this was already on our weekend docket; as I write this, the task is already started.

Surprise visits don’t scare me like they used to.   I remember a couple of specific times—in years past—when people showed up unannounced, at a time when I would have been better off not receiving visitors.  (Don’t ask.)  After getting over the initial frustration with people not using their telephones, conviction set in.  The best solution, of course, was to start minding my P’s and Q’s!  (And it doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes each day to swab the decks, take out the trash, and put on a brassiere.)  …  [Yes, I wrote brassiere.]

[[Confidential to D & T:  ‘Glad you liked the nightgown.]]

As for the visits from hospice, I don’t mind them showing up early.  We have an understanding, in fact, that my daughter may be my representative on some occasions.

And as for that little ant?  Well–I’m sure they’ve seen a lot worse.



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2 Responses to Surprise Inspection

  1. Just Me says:

    Heeheehee! 😉 Such a great story!

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