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Haven of Rest

I’ve anchored my soul in the “Haven of Rest,” I’ll sail the wide seas no more; The tempest may sweep over wild, stormy, deep, In Jesus I’m safe evermore. Yesterday, our little lady, my husband’s dear mother, passed away. By … Continue reading

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Being my own boss has its merits: I obey myself—even when I’m not looking!  As an employee of my own operation, I am wholly compliant.  If I ever do disobey myself, I’m always the first to forgive.  Yeah, it’s hard … Continue reading

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If I Did Facebook

If I did Facebook, this would be today’s status:  “We got a new camera, and today I took a picture of my friends.  …I got it after only four tries.”  ….My daughter across the miles would comment, “LMBO!”  My daughter … Continue reading

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People Skills

People Skills (or, for Mad Gab players, Peoples Kills) are one of life’s ever-changing intangibles.  Once I finally get a bead on what’s trendy, some forward-thinker coins a new phrase—and I’m yesterday’s news. I’m ultra-white.  New jargon starts with a … Continue reading

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Why is it…

Why can’t I remember to use the restroom and wash up just before I’ve worked lotion into my hands?  —– You don’t have this problem because of adding lotion; you have this problem because you’re in your 50’s. Why is … Continue reading

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Never Had a Friend Like Me!

Disney’s Genie claimed to be a friend like no other.  Dang straight!  Who wouldn’t want a friend with phenomenal cosmic powers?  As for me, I cannot offer you cosmic powers. Regardless, “I’m in the mood to help you dude; you … Continue reading

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To My Subscribers

Dear Subscribers. I greatly appreciate your reading my blog! It’s helpful if you click the link rather than reading the content inside your email box.  I sometimes post hastily, and would rather folks read the latest version.   This also keeps … Continue reading

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