Pity Party

For the first time in nearly 30 years, I’m missing our All-Church campout.  Being a single-income family, we’ve never done vacations—so this particular weekend was literally the highlight of our year!  I confess, I’ve been crying since Wednesday.   I know; I’m pathetic.


But then, this morning, a ray of light: God sent a gift: a brilliant Dayspring e-Card from a friend:

= – = – =
Life is hard sometimes—crazy, mixed up, messed up.
And there you are, in the middle of it all, just doing your thing…
Being strong and brave and beautiful like it’s no big deal.
But let me tell you, girl,
***IT IS***
Not everyone can do what you can do.
Not everyone can handle things the way you can.
While you wonder sometimes if you’re doing okay…
The rest of us are just watching in
Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord.  Psalm 31:24
= – = – =
Of course it made me blubber like a baby.  Thanks a LOT, Friend!  Just kidding.  It was enormously encouraging.  In fact, I feel a ditty coming on….
= – = – =
Since Effie got sick,
I’ve missed a lot:
The city, the beach, the retreat,
But I got over those quicker;
This one’s the kicker;
I’m totally feeling offbeat.
= – = – =
At Church Camp I’ve cooked,
For eight years in a row;
And visited, and laughed, and played.
Now as they gear up,
I’m starting to tear up.
It’s going to be a hard day.
= – = – =
I find myself thinking
About windy roads
And dinners clear across town
I would dream of the day
When I can get away,
But that would only bring me down.
= – = – =
Instead I’ve decided
To set up some hobbies—
I’ll plan, and I’ll craft, and I’ll paint.
I did all I can do—
Bid the campers adieu—
Who’s having a pity party? I ain’t!


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6 Responses to Pity Party

  1. Kim says:

    Love the Ditty!! Missing campout too, boo hoo. I was just looking at the clock and thinking about the bell ringing.

  2. Tamz says:

    I can assure you, you were both missed!!! NEXT year!!! :o)

  3. Derek says:

    I always like parties. Any case, we missed you all.

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