Back in the Saddle Again

= – = – =
Right out of the gate,
I want to state:
You’ll be glad to find,
I changed my mind.
So, have no fear:
Effie’s staying here.
It’s a sunny day!
White flag’s put away.
= – = – =
It hadn’t occurred,
But a friend observed:
A week without a spouse
Had made me grouse.
He’s my constant cohort—
A thankful support;
I missed that, I guess,
And wound up a mess.
= – = – =
The quandary of Dave’s life,
Is caring for his wife:
He wonders in distress,
What suits me best.
He does what he can,
But he’s just a man.
He shares what he knows,
And goes with the flow.
= – = – =
He’s in a real pickle;
My emotions are fickle.
This man is brave;
Kudos to Dave.
I go into hysteria
Over all the gray area;
‘Should leave ethics and scruples
To philosophy pupils.
= – = – =
I can cry, I can bawl,
But can’t bring myself to call.
Call it love, call it duty,
Call me crazy, call me fruity,
But here she lives,
With what care I can give,
A little warmth, a little song—
It probably won’t be that long.
= – = – =
I draw near to the side
Of the Lord, my Guide—
It can take awhile,
But soon, again, I smile.
Though mercy can be hard,
I’m not permanently scarred.
But Jesus’ scars weren’t erased
After He died in my place.
So, though it won’t be a snap,
Sure. I can run another lap.
= – = – =
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