People Skills

People Skills (or, for Mad Gab players, Peoples Kills) are one of life’s ever-changing intangibles.  Once I finally get a bead on what’s trendy, some forward-thinker coins a new phrase—and I’m yesterday’s news.

I’m ultra-white.  New jargon starts with a gangstah, and trickles through six alternative genres before an Emo spits it out to the Burbs.  But while I may not be “hip” (yeah, I know—if you say hip, you’re not), I refuse to be called a square.  I’ve seen square, and I am not it. 

But neither am I cutting edge.  I’m sort of a trapezoid: too reasonable for the right wing, but too generic for the jet set.  My husband’s somewhat the same in this regard; we have yet to find our niche.

So we’re working on our people skills.  This year we’ve been more pro active at getting involved.  At risk of being completely cubular, I’ll divulge a secret: I keep a formula grid of our activities, and today I quickly calculated that 60 percent of our free time is comprised of activities that were self-instigated.  ‘Might not look like much on paper, but for two fogey wannabe’s, that’s not too shabby.

30 percent is just home time (no plans).  But the fact is, none of us in this house wants to be sequestered in this insane asylum.  To do something, we’re usually the catalyst.  (Folks are accustomed to caregivers wanting to be recluses? I’m clinging to this theory; don’t burst my bubble.)  So, we call our kids, fellowship with friends, giggle with the girls, chill at church, squeeze in a square dance, or buzz on over to the breakfast club.

It’s always a blessing.  And it sure beats staring at these walls.  Plus, the Holidays are approaching.

…People skills or not, here I come!

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5 Responses to People Skills

  1. elsiephoebe says:

    THIS IS MY 400TH POST. wOOt!

  2. Tamz says:

    That is momentous!! I’ve loved every one! You have great people skills because you genuinely care about the people in your life.

    BTW, call me sometime, would ya? ‘o)

  3. Justme says:

    400th post?! We should celebrate! I love to read your blog. It’s one of my favorite things to do:)

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