If I Did Facebook

If I did Facebook, this would be today’s status:  “We got a new camera, and today I took a picture of my friends.  …I got it after only four tries.”  ….My daughter across the miles would comment, “LMBO!”  My daughter in the next town would comment, “Srsly?”  And my daughter living here would write, “Good job, Mom!”  …..But I don’t do Facebook.

If I did Facebook, when reading friend’s status this morning: “Amazing how fast our dead lawn is springing to life with this rain” I would have commented, “I agree! My dandelions are blooming nicely!”  …..But I don’t do Facebook.

If I did Facebook, I’d Unsubscribe to all posts by Garden of Time.  …..Oh yeah: I did that.

If I did Facebook, I’d Tag and LOL every picture of every cousin and friend at every beach and city park.  …..But I just click on baby pics.  I’m a sucker for baby pics.

If I did Facebook, I’d cyber-stalk pages of people I knew 30 years ago.  …..Oh yeah: I did that, too.

If I did Facebook, I’d scroll through that new ticker in the corner and lament how much life is going on everywhere but on my wall.  …..Yeah, yeah—you only get out of it what you put into it.  Two Words, Teenager:  Shut. Up.

If I did Facebook, I’d tell those kids a thing or two.  And those older ones who ought to know better.  …..But then they’d know I’m watching, MOO-hahaha!

If I did Facebook, I’d notice that somebody poked me again.  And It wouldn’t give me the creeps.  And I’d poke them back.  …..Actually, this one’s not so bad: it’s familiarity without violating the personal bubble.

If I did Facebook, I would actually give a rip at this: “So-and-so just answered a question about you.”   …..But I don’t!

If I did Facebook, I wouldn’t have time to be writing this.  …..   …..Hmm….

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4 Responses to If I Did Facebook

  1. Tamz says:

    I like your blog better than Facebook, anyway. :o)

  2. Tamz says:

    Oh, and what ticker in the corner? I don’t have one.

  3. elsiephoebe says:

    First, thanks again for your encouragement. I was thinking after your comment yesterday, that I don’t doubt you *have** read every one of my 400 posts. Which is amazing (or latent masochism?).

    The new FB changes haven’t hit everyone’s account yet. Make a mental note now: the ticker makes things you write and post visible to people who are not on your friends list, but you can fix that problem if you want to.

  4. Tamz says:

    It’s just one way I get to keep in touch with you. I’m sure I feel more connected to you than vice-versa because of it. ;o)

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