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Today, a few of us gathered at the cemetery and caravanned to the mausoleum.  Just some reminders from God’s Word, and we sang a hymn.  Afterward, we went to a restaurant and just had fun.  It was nice—just to have … Continue reading

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“The leaves are green, the nuts are brown, They hang so high they won’t come down. Leave them alone till frosty weather, Then they will all come down together.” October.  Meh.  Autumn’s initiation is already over, I don’t dabble in … Continue reading

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Elephant in the Room

“Excuse me,” I whispered as I squeezed around the wrinkled, gray mammoth. “Sure, it’s too big to overlook, but let’s pretend it’s not there; today will just be about us.” It worked famously through the morning–then it got kind of … Continue reading

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Seen and Not Heard

Picture the last large gathering you attended. Now zero in on that interlude where the young folks winkled their way into the conversation.  The adults turn into silent bobble-heads, peering sheepishly left and right.  Then somebody took the bull by … Continue reading

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Hi. I’m Laura. And I’m a coffee-holic. I’m an American: It’s what we do. Yeah, I love the stuff: hot or cold, fresh or stale, black, white, or in-between. Gimme. It must be that I like it; in this blog … Continue reading

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Sweet Memorial

Thirty-nine dear ones listened attentively to the moving story of “Sweet Effie.” THANK YOU, each who attended and for being our friends!  And… [first initial, last name order] …L, for saying that of all the funerals you’ve been to, her … Continue reading

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If you’re reading this, you qualify in my book as somewhat proactive: “anticipatory, change-oriented, and self-initiated.”   …….You pointed.  You clicked.  Well done you! This week, I capsulized into a few pages, the life of the little lady.  If I had … Continue reading

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