Out of the Woodwork

A death in the family.  It’s very sad.  My husband is grieving the loss.  It’s surrealistic that, at the same time, it’s joyous—partly because we believe with all our hearts that Effie has passed out of the earthly into the heavenly.  This is also partly because we’re enjoying visits and greetings from loved ones everywhere.  Whether it’s a visit, a card, a phone call, email, or Facebook, people are finding ways to make contact and extend their thoughts and condolences.

It’s lovely.

I bet each of you is thinking the same thing I am:  “Why do we have to wait until someone dies to get in touch?”  That, my friends, may not be as tragic as losing a loved one, but it’s tragic nonetheless.

I remember many times growing up that the extended family would gather at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  It was great fun to see all my cousins, and we’d run around playing hide-and-go-seek, not feeling the least twinge of guilt for the impropriety.  Ha: I never thought how funny that is: hide-and-go-seek, coming out of the woodwork, with relatives that had come out of the woodwork.

As we hit the teen years, and our grandparents and great-aunts and uncles continued to keep the local mortuary in business, we started to get it:  “Man, it’s weird: how come we never see so-and-so except at weddings and funerals?”  Maybe it’s because there’s no better time than someone’s death….. to celebrate life.

At any rate, today I just count folks touching base as a blessing.  People are busy, whatever, blah-blah-blah…  I’ll take what I can get.  So thanks, Peeps:  It’s lovely to hear from you.

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