How long is “appropriate” regarding the vacant bedroom?  Does anybody want to go in there?  Would it be weird to vacuum where the hospital bed was?

One relative said, “You’ll want to wait awhile before doing anything with that room.” But a friend’s mom, when her husband died, just dug right in!  I guess one man’s socks are another man’s treasure?

For years, Effie had a mini apartment in there.  Then suddenly I had to get anything out with which she could hurt herself.  I’d think, “What does the Book of Etiquette say to do with her tongs and tea kettle?”  As Effie progressed, I kept going; by the time hospice started coming, the room was practically empty.

When it comes to my house, I run a tight ship.  If I didn’t have this project already figured out (to a “T”), people who know me would think something was wrong.

And they’re right: I did have a plan, and I have actually been (sheepishly) bringing home bargains.  I couldn’t decide: Pink, or blue?  Do I want stencils? How about some hippy beads?  I finally have a room I can do whatever I want with.  Maybe I’ll just put that padding back on the walls and make it a giant ball cage?

I soon discovered I can’t do whatever I want.  The bedding alone was $834.  (!!) But I will have my Hawaiian getaway.  But no flamingos.  Well, maybe one…

Don’t you just hate what they do with Hawaiian décor?  Do they think we’re all surfers?  And what’s with the brown grass?  What am I, a horse?  (Don’t answer that.) Tiki, coconut folderol; it makes my peeps look like a bunch of hula-dancing party dudes.  Oh yeah: we are.

Anyway, I’m sticking with a sand-and-blue motif, and I found some items that will “do for now.”  (The real test of whether my family reads this blog? If I get upgrades for Christmas.)

Well, yesterday, I did actually start setting things up.

But maybe God is trying to tell me I jumped the gun:  my own mother took very ill, and I had to take her to the doctor. (She’ll be okay.)

It just goes to show you; it’s always somethin’.

~ Remembering Gilda Radner ~

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2 Responses to Aloha!

  1. Tamz says:

    I really do think every family, even every person has their own time table. If David’s ready for you to go in and redecorate, go for it! :o)

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