If you’re reading this, you qualify in my book as somewhat proactive: “anticipatory, change-oriented, and self-initiated.”   …….You pointed.  You clicked.  Well done you!

This week, I capsulized into a few pages, the life of the little lady.  If I had to give it a title, I’d be torn between A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Little Engine that Could.

Effie’s life is not a study in proactivity.  Rather, as life’s episodes occurred, she responded.   But yes, when it came to protecting her loved ones, or gut-level survival, she was anticipatory.  Even in the late stages of dementia, her will to survive kicked in and she used non-verbal communication to self-initiate a change.

You, yourself (being the hands-on, point-and-click person that you are), have learned that all of our behavior has the goal of benefit.  Heck, even self-destructive behavior gives the temporary fix.  The trick, then, is to be like the chess player—looking a few moves ahead; acting in advance of a future situation.

In Effie’s case, on more than one occasion she took a long, hard look at the status quo, and decided something had to change, or it would bite her in the future.  (Doesn’t this remind you of that great line delivered by John Voight in “National Treasure”?)

Today my husband will tell the story of a person so meek, so simple—nobody would expect her to take responsibility for her life.  But she did.  Faced with her Series of Unfortunate Events, many folks would blame all the outside causes, throw in the towel, and go get drunk.  But hers is a story of faith in a God bigger than she—and stronger, smarter, and faithful.

Effie was not particularly courageous; she was fearful.  She was not perseverant; she limited herself.  But because of God, this little lady, indeed, did what was required.  She really was The Little Engine That Could.

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2 Responses to Proactivity

  1. Just Me says:

    I was really blessed to hear Effie’s story today. Truly, the crown that she received in Heaven must have been one of the most beautiful! I know it is her honor to cast it at the feet of her most faithful Friend, Jesus…
    God bless you all today!

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