Sweet Memorial

Thirty-nine dear ones listened attentively to the moving story of “Sweet Effie.”

THANK YOU, each who attended and for being our friends!  And… [first initial, last name order]

…L, for saying that of all the funerals you’ve been to, her life had the most Gospel—by her actions.

…K & S, for being dependable; you said it again: “I wouldn’t miss it.”

…D, for the hugs sent from L & L, and for taking mementos to A.

…L, for playing “In the Garden”, and for lighting the candle representing Effie’s continuing heritage of faith.

…L, for your sincere tears over the loss of your mother—and for the giggles when he read the funny parts.

…T, for bringing L—and for the reminder to keep tabs on her now that Effie’s gone.

…L & D, for driving so far, and the flowers, and for telling everyone that “David was a good boy.”

…E & J, for providing excellent hospice care, and for missing out on the one good day for dirt-biking.

…K & A, each of you, for being a doorbell!

…B & G, for greeting, hugging, and turning on the air conditioning.

…M, D, R, & M, for the picture of new life: pink dress, pink bonnet, pink flowers.

…C, for the assurance that Effie was more than a hospice patient—and remembrance that you got to see one of Effie’s “good” days.

…D & L, for leading us in singing “The Old Rugged Cross” and “When the Roll is Called up Yonder.”

…R, for being the only one of my relatives to be there for David yesterday.

…D, L, & T, for being our Go-To deacon and family: you did so much, so we didn’t have to.

…C, for preaching God’s Word—and for making it clear that Effie finished the race and kept the faith.

…T & M, for flowers, piano, pictures, packing, and being gorgeous.

…S, M, & Z, for programs, sound, projection, kitchen, and Southern Hospitality.

…P, for scurrying around moving furniture and being cheerful.

…J & E, for reading Scripture Effie had specified, and for lighting the candle while we played “Jesus Loves Me.”

…D, L, & E, for listening, laughing, just being there.  And for the memorial gift to The Gideons.  http://www.gideons.org

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2 Responses to Sweet Memorial

  1. Justme says:

    It was our joy and special priviledge to be a part of Effie’s memorial. We wouldn’t have been anywhere else.

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