Elephant in the Room

“Excuse me,” I whispered as I squeezed around the wrinkled, gray mammoth. “Sure, it’s too big to overlook, but let’s pretend it’s not there; today will just be about us.”

It worked famously through the morning–then it got kind of quiet.  But we had agreed, we weren’t going to talk about that. Still, as time progressed, it was more and more difficult to ignore the elephant in the room.

From conception, elephants take almost two years to be born. Yeah, that sounds about like the amount of time it takes to form one of these problems nobody wants to discuss.

Left undaunted, these largest of all land mammals survive 50 to 80 years.  That’s a long time to be dancing around something you cannot see, but can effortlessly sense its tonnage.  And elephants are smart creatures: right up there with dolphins and monkeys.  They know how to make themselves known, have big noses, and like to rear their ugly heads.

An elephant is not really afraid of a lion (occasionally the elephant will just go away by itself).  However, they don’t like people encroaching; a gentle wave might be in order to send it packing.

The thing I dislike most about elephants in any room?  They stink; I can’t get out of there fast enough. Usually, I leave the others in the exhibit with all its straw, dung, and peanut shells, and head out where the air isn’t so crowded.  Like maybe the penguins. Sure, they stink too, but at least you can see them swimming around.


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