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Clean Sweep

Today, Hubby had a tooth removed that had become infected off-and-on for some time.  People talk a lot about bacteria.  I wonder if we remember what an infection is: “the colonization of a host organism by parasite species.”   Eeeuuwwww! There … Continue reading

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Recently, somebody gave me an ultimatum.  This bit of déjà vu took me back 35 years.  Her name was Sharon. Arguably the most negative person I’d ever met, she was my only option for lunch: she’d taken me on a … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Day

= – = – = I know it’s still early, but we drove With the goal of finding a tree grove. We had a little plan, That included the whole clan, And we headed to the mountain up above. = … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Like many of you, I had a good day today: sharp shopping, dynamite decorating, and luscious leftovers.  I’ve been blogging a year and a half, but first time ‘round I didn’t blog the day after Thanksgiving. [Short pause while my … Continue reading

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Thanks to the One

Sometimes I can’t really tell where I am; I get all confused.  Or I think I’m doing okay, and then realize later I wasn’t.  Or vice versa.  It’s then that I’m THANKFUL that I have an Anointed Advocate, Mediator, and … Continue reading

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Little Mo’ Peeps

Last July, I wrote “My Peeps”—a short minute about my ancestors.  Today, a little more.  (Current.) In the 70’s, my Besties were square dancers; in the 80’s, work friends; in the 90’s, kids and church.  In the 00’s, I rekindled … Continue reading

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No News is Bad News?

I told somebody once, “If you ever notice I don’t write a blog, it’s probably been the kind of day where my thoughts had better not be put in writing.” But I’ve been thinking:  that remark could be misinterpreted!  (…Nah….) … Continue reading

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