Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth;
A stranger, and not your own lips.  —  Prov. 27:2
= – = – =

Today I wrote my qualifications—

(They don’t look half bad!)

But I can’t bring myself to print it;

I’d feel like such a cad.

We started at a new church this month—

A lot is going on;

I’m sure they could use some help,

Someplace hither or yon.

Having come from a church of eighty,

To one with ten times that much,

I’m wondering where God will use me;

At least I could serve coffee and such!

I’ve been greeted by several nice people,

It’s clear that God’s work is being done.

And though I’m sort of a shy flower,

I’d sure like to join in the fun!

I expect as I get to know people,

Some needs, I’ll be able to meet.

I hope to be helpful where needed

(Not one to let grass grow under my feet).

In June, I finished homeschooling;

In September, my patient passed;

And in October, I was separated from

All the ministries I’d amassed.

So I’d like to resume being useful,

By the Lord of heavenly light,

With the tidbits I’ve learned in three decades

Of serving under His oversight.

Right now I’m preparing for Christmas,

And helping my mother get well—

(Out of the frying pan into the fire?

One can never tell.)

But to serve the Lord behind the scenes,

That’s my passion, Guys!

So after awhile I’ll get on some lists—

Send an email and see how it flies.

For now I’m abiding and anticipating—

How God will use me next.

And just in case, I’m ready with a resume

In Times New Roman text!

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6 Responses to Phoebe-for-Hire

  1. subwjoy says:

    You could send this amazing, little ditty which would, in itself, be evidence of your many talents. ‘o)

    I, too, hope to serve in some way, but it’s a little early for me to jump in with both feet quite yet, in light of my hubby’s reticence.

  2. themamaduck says:

    After being so involved in my pervious, tiny church I have found myself a little (maybe more than a little) overwhelmed at how I might be used in this new body of believers. I don’t do many things well, as a matter a fact I don’t do anything very well (don’t hear me wrong, this is no pity party, just reality)… Somehow I feel so very inadequate compared to those that are in the ministries I was in before. 😦 Lord, help me know what I am to do for Your service!

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