I have several holes in my head. They’re usually empty.  Go ahead, laugh it up.

Right now, they’re not empty.

Wiki: “The purpose of the sinuses is unclear. One theory is that sinuses help humidify the air we breathe in; another is that they enhance our voices.”

Oh, yeah, right now my voice is just great.

I was tempted to send them my theory: Duh, they came with the Fall!  When I wake up, I’m gross; when I lie down, I choke; when I walk, I drip.  ‘Sounds like a curse to me.

This virus is giving a whole new meaning to “thick skull.”  I’m so distracted by it that I keep just meandering back to the rocking chair.  It’s not even snowing yet, but I’m a total flake!  I had such great plans today for Christmas preparations.  Drat; foiled again.  (Get it?)

Whether it be phlegm or foolishness, when my head is full, I’m not good for much.  Sometimes it’s better not even to try; walking in circles gets old after awhile.

I take after my mom, who took after her dad: sitting still gets on my last nerve.  But (unlike Mom) I usually keep things low-keyed on Saturday—so I’m not beating myself up too badly (this cold is doing a good job of that).

When I was a teen and young adult, I was a complete flake. So, I spent the next 30 years attempting to make up for it.  Now, in my 50’s, it’s finding its level.  I don’t want to become lazy, but yeah—I can chill once in awhile.  (Bring on the coffee!)

Ironically, now that we’re empty-nesters, we’ll probably be prudent and find me more work; I make a good wage, but could use more hours.

Hm. Maybe I’d better enjoy that rocking chair while I can.

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2 Responses to Thick.

  1. subwjoy says:

    Empty Nester’s???!! Did Lily move out?

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