Count Twice, Trim Once

For Christmas lights, I always only had two rules: String’s half-out, toss it out; and End-to-end, only go three.  ‘Worked like a charm—until last year.  I decided to go all Victorian—forgetting that electricity in that era was for only the very wealthy.  With all the foof-du-jour, we had more fuses blowing than a dysfunctional family on Thanksgiving.

So, this time I did what anyone like me (i.e., those who learn the hard way) would do: I went online: 75 C7’s @ 7 watts = 525w ÷120 volts = 5 amps. At 13 amps per circuit, the star fit on that outlet too, with amps to spare!  On the porch, 100 minis only use 3 amps—but I still had to scale down the vignette (that’s okay, it was gaudy anyway).

So, tomorrow I’ll gingerly fill up the remaining circuits.  David installed a new outlet on its own circuit this year, just for this purpose; isn’t that nice?  It should all work out fine—as long as nobody starts the dryer after dark, hehe.

Oh, don’t bother suggesting LED’s; we have some.  To me, they’re about as luminous as a three-month-old compact fluorescent: apply mascara under that dimness, and people will think you’re headed to an Alice Cooper concert.

I guess the way to get around all this is, in the words of the inimitable Tim The-Tool-Man Taylor: “More Power!”  Hm. One of our new friends is an electrician.  I just might have to buy their breakfast next round…

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