No News is Bad News?

I told somebody once, “If you ever notice I don’t write a blog, it’s probably been the kind of day where my thoughts had better not be put in writing.”

But I’ve been thinking:  that remark could be misinterpreted!  (…Nah….)

The fact is some of my faithful readers tune in daily.  (They really should just subscribe.)  Anyway, if I don’t write, do they worry?  Are they disappointed? Relieved?  (Don’t answer that.)

Yours Truly would rest easier if I knew you folks would not assume I’m out of commission because of some pity party (possible) or attitude issue (impossible [nose grows to 4½ inches]).   So, for my own peace of mind, I want to tell you a few examples of why some days I cannot even sit down to write a one-minute read:


#10:  It takes more than one minute to write a one-minute read.  (I know. You’re surprised.)

#9:  I spent the day scrubbing, cleaning, and laundering. (Oh wait; I do that every day.)

#8:  The dog ate my homework.  Or The Borrowers got it.  Or I lost it.  Or something.

#7:  I want you to catch up on  (No! Don’t go!  You’ll never come back!)

#6:  A hundred homeless vagrants OCCUPIED my computer.  (And they won’t leave.)

#5:  Hubby took off work and surprised me with a day trip.  (Hint-Hint)

#4:  I participated in a SpongeBob SquarePants marathon.  (Okay, this would never happen.  Wombo!)

#3:  So many exciting things happened that when I tried to capsulize it into 300 words, my brain exploded!  (See #8, above.)

#2:  I finally ran out of things to say.  (You WISH!)

And the Number One Reason Laura Didn’t Blog Today:

#1:  It’s probably been the kind of day where my thoughts had better not be put in writing.

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3 Responses to No News is Bad News?

  1. The Mama Duck says:

    Although I don’t write my own blog, I do have those sort of days where the thoughts I have should stay exactly that…thoughts. And then I remember that the Lord knows even my thoughts and I am humbled and ask Him to help my thoughts turn to Him and focus there upon Him. I love your wise advice from days in my past; when my thoughts are such that I must keep them to myself, get right to the Psalms and read, read, read until my heart turns to the Lord and off of myself. (I know it’s not a direct quote, but it’s what I got from what you said). God bless you my dear sister.

  2. Emily says:

    Mother, Mother. It’s pronounced, “Wumbo”! 😉

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