Little Mo’ Peeps

Last July, I wrote “My Peeps”—a short minute about my ancestors.  Today, a little more.  (Current.)

In the 70’s, my Besties were square dancers; in the 80’s, work friends; in the 90’s, kids and church.  In the 00’s, I rekindled with family.  Now into the 10’s, we find ourselves quite happy among Christian square dancers.  How sweet is that? We came full circle (to the left, hee hee).  I will also add:  we are tethered heart-to-heart with some longtime friends who have shown themselves to be of the very best caliber.

Sure, it’s obvious that for all of us, our peeps correlate to our maturity, circumstances, and stage of life.  Our goal as parents (we tried to meet it, didn’t always succeed) has been to live out our faith as godly examples, believing in the Lord, serving Him, and loving others.  The friends along the way that we spent the most time with were often those who shared those goals.

These days, our maturity, circumstances, and stage of life have changed—but the goal is the same: living in faith, setting an example, serving, and sharing love.  The paradigm shifts in our lives (that God ordains every so often) prevent us from sinking into auto-pilot.  Faith, integrity, service, and love—if done on an automatic setting—are nothing, really.

Change can be painful, but it keeps us sharp, brings us closer together, and draws us back to “The Heart of Worship.”  It is at these junctures that we remember—God hasn’t changed:   Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Heb. 13:8

My husband is soon turning 60.  At last Saturday’s dance, he looked out at the dance floor, then looked at me winsomely—pondering where his youth has gone—and said, “I fit in, here.” At first I thought he was down—but no: it was a reckoning—this is where we are.  All dressed up, with someplace to go.

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