Thanks to the One

Sometimes I can’t really tell where I am; I get all confused.  Or I think I’m doing okay, and then realize later I wasn’t.  Or vice versa.  It’s then that I’m THANKFUL that I have an Anointed Advocate, Mediator, and High Priest, Refining and Purifying me.

I know I was born a sinner, and am still not without sin.  It is a problem.  I beat myself up every day for the things I said (or didn’t say) yesterday–or did (or didn’t do) yesterday.  But the Friend of Sinners, the Deliverer, paid my Ransom and Authored my faith; and this Carpenter will Finish it; for which I am THANKFUL.

Whenever I feel spiritually weak (which is often), mentally inadequate (sometimes, for sure!), and physically tired (frequently), I am THANKFUL He is my Provider and Refuge, the Physician, the Prince of Peace, and the Bread of Life.

This world spins faster than I can keep up; and it seems to be spinning downward.  Frankly, sometimes I feel very afraid.  But I am so THANKFUL that the Rock, the Light of the Word, my Bridegroom—is my Comforter, Helper, and Coming King.

Speaking of spinning, sometimes I do that.  I twirl around, going nowhere.  It’s a vicious circle!  I’m so THANKFUL for the Wonderful Counselor, Shepherd, Master, and Teacher—to Guide my Way into His Truth.

I feel lonely sometimes.  Even in a crowded room.  Feeling misunderstood is epidemic these days.  But I know—personally—the Lord of Love, the Word of God, for whom I am THANKFUL.

He is Jehovah GOD, the Almighty, the Lord of Lords, the Creator, the Everlasting Father; I am THANKFUL for the Faithful and True Witness, JESUS, the Beginning and the End, the Amen.

A BLESSED THANKSGIVING.  Thank YOU for reading.  —-Love! Laura

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2 Responses to Thanks to the One

  1. subwjoy says:

    I couldn’t have said it, let alone said it better! Thank you for expressing so much of what I am thankful for too, with one addition . . . YOU!

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    Ditto, Dear. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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