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Can’t Always Get What You Want

Poor Ben.  Those adorable puppy eyes fixed exactly on where she hid that toy.  So… he appeals to a higher court: he gingerly rests his muzzle on your lap, and looks upward.  Oh, man!  You are so tempted to help … Continue reading

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The Troubles with the Holidays

=-= Checking the mail daily.  Bills? Check.  Ads? Check.  Christmas Bonus? No Check. ~~~ACCIDENT – Unplanned trouble =-= Tweeners:  Too old for toys, too picky for clothes, too obnoxious for cash. ~~~ CONCERN – Worrisome trouble =-= 2 packages, 1 … Continue reading

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Hebrews 2 Chart

   Heb 2 The Lord Angels Mankind 1 God has spoken. We must pay very close attention to what God said. If we don’t, we might drift away. 2 -4  God saves sinners. Salvation is great. The first we ever heard … Continue reading

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I’m Glad You’re Here

This Blog is for you.  And that makes you an important person to me!  I really do appreciate you taking the minute to read.  If I have the odd, off week, I hope you’ll keep tuning in.  God is so … Continue reading

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Okay, I admit it.  Some days I don’t feel like doing anything.  You can call it a Funk, being Depressed, The Blah’s, or Post-Whatever Syndrome; I call it a Lazy Streak.  I just need my good ol’ dad to come … Continue reading

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How to Do Christmas Clean-up

HOW TO DO CHRISTMAS CLEAN-UP Awaken two hours later than usual. Why are there are now three hand towels? And how is it that one is sticky to the touch? Pick up boxes, bags, and bows—using the hand that’s not … Continue reading

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Joyful and Triumphant!

It’s that time!  Here we are!  That wonderful thing called Christmas Eve!  It’s already shaping up to be a great day.  I slept in. (till 5:30.) Actually, this whole month has been a shower of blessings—a flurry, really: only three … Continue reading

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