Been There, Done That

Instead of, “Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it,”  I think this should be the go-to quote:  “History happens twice because people don’t listen the first time.”


I hope I’ve learned all 2011 lessons.  [hehe] This is one year I do not want to repeat!  ‘Cared for a dementia patient, mourned her passing, endured the departure of many loved ones, witnessed family hardships, even trained a dog—all while entering menopause!

“To know that today will be tomorrow’s past makes life easier.”

If I’m going to put the past behind me, there’s no time like the present.  Waiting until 2012 to sock it away will only spoil an otherwise perfectly good Christmas.

You can’t drive forward on the road of life if you’re looking in the rear view mirror.”

Since I seem to learn the hard way, my year (and my life) have been A Series of Unfortunate Events.  But at each rough turn I learn something, and change my behavior accordingly (most of the time).

The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

Yeah, it’s a mistake to forget the past. I get that.  But there’s a difference between forgetting, and forgetting.  One can go to the school of hard knocks, and tuck the wisdom someplace handy—but still F.I.D.O. (Forget It and Drive On).

“The past has gone, so let’s move on.”

My eyes aren’t on the back of my head, so I should face forward.  It gets a little sticky when self-examination mode brings the past to mind. But I’m discovering something: very few current and future situations are helped by dredging up details of days gone by.  It just picks up a potential plethora of problems. As we say in doggie training, “Leave it.”

When the past calls, let it go on voice mail; it has nothing new to say.”

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