A Little Perspective

My mind messes with me; My heart depresses me.—But the Word addresses me:The Lord possesses me! 

= – =


= – =

I’ve never taken 39 scorgings;

I haven’t been beaten with rods (thrice).

Never has a judge thrown stones at me;

I haven’t been shipwrecked (thrice).

Nor have I been night and day in the deep.

I have not had taken laborious journeys (often).

I have not been in perils of waters.

Nor of robbers.

Nor of my countrymen.

Nor pagans.

I have not been in peril in the city.

Nor the wilderness.

Nor the sea.

Nor among false brothers.

I have not been in weariness and toil.

Nor sleepless (often).

Nor have I hungered.

Or thirsted.

Or fasted involuntarily.

I have never been kept out in the cold.

I have never been without proper clothing.

= – =

I’ve never been so stressed out that I sweated blood.

I’ve never been spit upon.

Soldiers have never slapped me and yelled at me.

I have not been falsely accused and viciously mocked by a crowd of people.

I was not beaten with metal tips to the point of not looking human.

I can’t know what it feels like to have my beard pulled out.

I have not been utterly despised.

My bones have never been pulled out of joint.

My heart has never been broken to where it felt like melting wax.

I have never felt so awful I could say, “you lay me in the dust of death. Dogs have surrounded me…”.

People have not stared and gloated over me.

Nobody shoved a crown of thorns on my head.

I have never been put in jail.

Nobody has stripped me and gambled for my clothes.

Nobody ever put 9-inch nails between my forearm bones and through my hands.

I have not been hung on a cross to die.

I am not the Savior.

I was never in the form of God.

I was never equal with God.

If I’m of no reputation, I deserve it.

I didn’t take the form of a bondservant—

I was made one.

I never was not a human.

I have not humbled myself and become obedient to the point of death.

= – =

Recommended Reading:  Philippians 2

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