i Yam what i Yam

In one of my earliest blogs, I copped to the fact that I’m not everybody’s cup of tea.Well, it appears I overestimated myself.

I’ve discovered that at least a few folks actually don’t like me at all.  I must have been naïve; even Sally Field got that grim reality. Surprised at winning another Oscar, she bubbled, “You like me; right now, you like me!”  …Maybe that’s the ticket:  if somebody likes you right now, grab the glory—because it might be short-lived.

But take my advice: bypass the pity party.  It’s actually a good thing that limelight is infrequent.  Too much of it can blind us.

Even knowing we may have a few naysayers, most of us still wake up feeling pretty good about ourselves.  Ha! Leave it to the Lord to fix that.  Enter this morning’s Spurgeon:

“…we are nobodies, and we have come of a line of nobodies.  …Big as men may account themselves to be… we all trace our line up to a gardener, who lost his place through stealing his Master’s fruit…  if you dare to be proud, you have never seen your heart at all. It is a mass of pollution: it is a den of filthiness.  Apart from divine grace, your heart is a seething mass of putrefaction.”


If CHS didn’t humble me enough, the Bible* does a great job; God’s Word describes us as…


…the filth of the world

…the off-scouring of all things (the crud that’s scrubbed off the pan; anything vile or worthless)

…dust and ashes

…not worthy of the least of all the mercies

…not worthy of all the truth… shown

…not worthy to loose the sandal strap of Christ

…a sinful man



So the next time I overhear scuttlebutt that cuts me to the quick, I won’t let it raise my hackles.  Outside of the robe of righteousness I wear thanks to Jesus, more than a select few would be describing me exactly as I am: a filthy, dusty, unworthy, insufficient sinner.

*1 Cor. 4:13; Gen. 18:27; Gen. 32:10; Ex. 3:11; Judges 6:15; Matt. 3:14; John 1:27; Luke 5:8; 2 Cor. 3:5

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2 Responses to i Yam what i Yam

  1. Tamz says:

    It is an amazing thing that, the more clearly we see ourselves as Spurgeon (and God’s word) describes us, the more joyful we are in seeing the new person God has and is making us to be: washed, white as snow, beloved, joint heir with Christ, full of hope, victorious over sin, etc…

  2. Just Me says:

    How very thankful I am that the Lord Jesus came into this world through the womb of a virgin sinner named Mary that He, by Himself, would purge my sins away from me!! As far as the east is from the west, my sins are forgiven! And, as I confess my sins before the Lord, He is faithful and just to forgive me of them…not only that, He says He will remember them no more…

    I am so VERY thankful to my Lord and my God, for I am so richly blessed!!!

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