Learning Curve

There’s a new baby in the family.  It’s so amusing to hear the new mommy and daddy describe his first week—how they had to learn a lot—fast!  It brings back memories of how much of child raising was indeed on a learning curve.  (Again, Girls: apologies!)

All of life is a learning curve.  It’s a delicate balance to walk softly, and carry a big stick; few can do it without poking a few bears.  My favorite people are those that realize we’re all in the same boat: the tipsy training tug.  Staying humble requires persistently popping the pontoons; nobody likes a puffed-up poop-head perpetually pouring out platitudes like prince of the planet. Puh-LEEZE! 

While tugging our big bodies through life, we bounce against a buoy or two; our poor peers are like pegs in a pinball machine: helpless victims as we complete each year’s homework assignments.  Oh, the humanity!! (hehe, we just watched “Grinch.”)

Ideally, two decades of growing up in a household should be basic training for how to deal with people.  It can be painful, yet hilarious—but at least it’s all within the private confines of Momma’s wallpaper and oak.  (Good design, Lord!)  But these days, with jobs, schedules, and texting, I’m afraid a whole generation is venturing out with no clue regarding patience, humility, responsibility, even old-fashioned manners.

At my age, I’m learning to navigate the tugboat.  By God’s grace, the barge actually follows. (Pun intended.)  But one thing’s for sure: there’s always a lot to learn.  So my tugboat is always open to other riders: bring along your little engines of advice and admonishment, and we’ll tug together.  After all, that’s often how my Captain Communicates Caring Commands—and He is at the helm.

Matthew 18:3-4  …unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

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