The Troubles with the Holidays


Checking the mail daily.  Bills? Check.  Ads? Check.  Christmas Bonus? No Check.

~~~ACCIDENTUnplanned trouble


Tweeners:  Too old for toys, too picky for clothes, too obnoxious for cash.

~~~ CONCERNWorrisome trouble


2 packages, 1 week, 10 bucks. Can we do 10 packages, 2 weeks, 1 buck?

~~~ CONFUSIONPerplexing trouble


“The Holidays have been so much fun.  Can’t the diet wait another week?”

~~~ CONSEQUENCEEarlier trouble


“I thought you were watering the tree?”  “I thought you were!”

~~~ DANGERLiability to trouble


Lights on the gutters, a star up top; a six-foot ladder… “Daddy! Stop!”

~~~ HARMPhysical trouble


“Wow, stamps are 44 cents each. Maybe I should mail fewer cards this year.”

~~~ HAZARDUnavoidable trouble


“What?  Two weeks off plus a Teacher In-service Day?”

~~~ INJURYSustained trouble


“Excuse me, will you please pass the stuffing?”

~~~ JEOPARDYChance of trouble


December 21st – Half of Suzie’s class went home with the stomach flu.

~~~ PERILImminent trouble


One Size Fits Most.  Who invented that?  Seriously.

~~~ STRESSStrained trouble


“Their flight arrives at WHAT time?”

~~~ TORMENTSufferable trouble


How many presents can I wrap before strangling myself with ribbon?

~~~ TRIALProving trouble


Pounding Politics Plus Plenty of Pie = Pepto

~~~ GRIEFDisturbing trouble


Aunt Flo: pinching cheeks, age spots, plastic canvas coasters

~~~ VEXAnnoying trouble


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