Weight Loss Secrets

I ran across a Health.com article [Kita]: “Seven Weight-Loss Secrets from Around the World”.  It was great. …For good measure, I’d like to add my two cents’ worth:

1.  Thailand – Spice it up  Hot peppers raise your metabolism and slow your eating.  ——–  This, I knew.  I’ll never forget it: fancy restaurant, eight people that I didn’t know very well.  It’s true, I didn’t each much.  Nobody told me you don’t eat the red chili peppers.  I spent 20 minutes with my tongue submerged in a glass of water…

2. United Kingdom – Downsize the supersizing  The Brits were first to quit selling that option; over there, nobody was buying it.  ——–  I agree.  Even when I’m at my most messed up, it seems so wrong to order a Whopper, Fries, and Coke, and think to myself, “That’s not enough food; should I order some ice cream, or just make each of the entrées bigger?”

3. Brazil – Serve a side of rice and beans  It’s lower in fat and higher in fiber than other Western fare.  ——–  Interesting concept.  Finally, the beautiful figure I’ve been waiting for years—but nobody will come within ten feet of me.

4. Poland – Eat at home more often than you eat out  The collapse of cooking in a society tracks very closely its rise in obesity.  ——–  I demand the Poles do a recount.  Who wouldn’t lose weight eating pork knuckle, pickled herring, and beet soup?

5. Germany – Eat your breakfast  Research says if you haven’t eaten breakfast, your brain’s reward center will light up more vividly when you see a high-calorie food.  ——–  I’ve got news for you, Dude:  breakfast or not, my brain’s reward center lights up when I see any food.

6. Russia – Carve out a country garden  There’s not much you can grow in a garden that will make you fat.  ——–  Plus, there’s an added bonus:  After coming back inside from the slimy weeds, sandy dirt, and slithering slugs, you ‘ll have absolutely no appetite.

7. Mexico – Make the midday meal the biggest  If you eat less at night, you’ll wake up hungrier and eat a bigger breakfast, which facilitates weight control.  ——–  Great.  As if waking up grumpy wasn’t bad enough.

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