Be All You Can Be

Reporting in:  Diet still on target.   Yay!

= – =

If I Want to Be

All I Can Be,

I’d Better Start

With Less of Me.

It’s a Double Entendre:

Two Thoughts, You See:

My Self Should Shrink—

Along With My belly.

= – =

We’re a full two weeks into the year; ‘time to line the bird cage—with that list of resolutions.  (Kidding.)

= – =

Because of God

(All to Him, I owe),

I’m not content

With the status quo.

I pray for His help

As I come to know

His Word for me—

So I can grow.

= – =

I’m not all I can be.  That’s abundantly clear–I can see it in spades–when I’m with more mature Christians, whose speech and conduct is seasoned by time, experience, and study.  But rather than envy, it’s better to emulate.  Anything good in me is biblical, copied, or both.

Of course, observing others tends to bubble forth their imperfections.  (Yay! I’m not the only one who’s vertically challenged!)  That’s when we quit emulating.  But we’re not to put our eyes back on ourselves.  I’ve been taught well:  “Glance at yourself; Gaze on Christ.”  Then, when I do have a success or two, I can only give the credit to God—my Creator, Savior, and Help.

= – =

It had been a long time,

But today I woke up happy.

Instead of heavy sorrow,

I felt downright snappy!

So I took a quick moment,

To thank God and pray,

And ask Him to help me–

(It was still early in the day).

And as I continue on

With my resolutions and goals

To Be All I Can Be

It’s obvious, I suppose:

I must rely on God—

I can’t just go with the flow:

Apart from Him I’ll do nothing—

And that includes “grow.”

= – =

Php. 4:13  I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

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One Response to Be All You Can Be

  1. I don’t know if you’re into this stuff or not, but I nominated you in my post today for the Liebster Blog Award. Just passing along the love! You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, so there’s no pressure to do anything about it if you’re not inclined.

    Sending hugs from over on the other side of the country. ♥ Your friend.

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