Leaping Back

Just for giggles, I viewed my journal from Leap Day 2008.  Nothing that exciting:  ‘taught homeschool, took my mother-in-law to the doctor, and watched the movie “Ratatouille.”  But boy, glancing down that journal page…  Has my life changed a lot in four years.

= – =

  • I was reading “Stepping Heavenward”:  GOOD QUOTE:  “But there is an under-current of peace that is not entirely disturbed by any outside event.”

= – =

  • That was the year we watched “American Idol”:  CALLING IN VOTES: We were all about David Archuleta and Jason Castro, but the right guy won: David Cook.

= – =

  • Tidbits that inquiring minds want to know (at least David):   JUST SO YOU KNOW: You got your laptop February ‘08. And that’s when Dr. K. changed your medicine.

= – =

  • While we’re at it, for my girls:  BIRTHDAYS: ice skating, and a 5-hour afternoon bash.  P.S.  Remember Polyvore?

= – =

  • Neighborwatch (well, sorta):  AFTER a visit from a local policeman, and the whole hour dedicated to how to clean graffiti off of vinyl fencing, we went back to watching “American Idol.”

= – =

  • Oh, this is hilarious (at least to me):  LOL:  One of my Now-Top-Two was still at the stage where I housecleaned if they were coming to dinner.

= – =

  • Day-After-Leap-Day: NEW FRIENDS came over; we had a bike they could use.  They brought a quiet redheaded guy, who (we thought) slept through dinner.  He’s now married to my daughter…

= – =

  • Catering Opportunity:  THE ONLY other wedding I’ve catered  besides my daughter’s.  (Note to Readers:  That last part?  DON’T DO IT!)

= – =

  • God is so-o-o Good:  A DEAR FRIEND was diagnosed with cancer.  She is doing well now.  HalleluJAH.

= – =

  • I was doing what YOU should be doing right now:  Tax Returns.  Meh.

= – =

  • I actually may have contributed to my mother-in-law’s slippery slope:  JOURNAL ENTRY: “…After we’d laid out some new house rules, I said to Effie, ‘This is good.  I just wanted to help you, help me, help you.’  …….Just then David came in and had heard me.  His comment was priceless:  ‘…Help you, help me, help you.  HELP ME!!!!’”


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