From Wander To Wonder

= – =
When the World starts to Wobble
While I’m still on board,
I start Weaving and Wiggling,
And then I can’t stand!
But I’ve been Watching the Works
of my Wondrous Lord:
It seems, when I Wait—
I Witness He’s grand!
= – =
The Washing of the Word
Does it’s Work on the Way,
And I Walk (more like Waddle),
Stumbling here and there.
As I Wade through my Worries
(Yes: there will be some today),
I’m Awake, thankfully;
Full-on tumbles are rare.
= – =
And if I begin to Wither,
As I Wander over and under:
When I’m Wooed by the World,
Or start to Want, Work, or Whine—
Because God is keeping me—
I return to stand in Wonder:
While I Winked, Wished, or Wasted,
The Savior Was still mine.
= – =
Though the Wicked one is Wily,
My God is very strong,
His Warehouse of resource
Filled Wide to the brim.
His Water, Blood, and Wheat,
Will provide my life long:
No matter What happens,
I will always hope in Him.
= – =
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