Sleight of Hand

Yesterday I think I saw somebody use sleight of hand.  (But I guess I’ll never know, will I?  hehe.)  It was during the church offering.  (Matthew 6:3?)

Sleight of hand is also known as “quick fingers” or legerdemain. — Sleight: 1. Deftness; dexterity. 2. Clever or skillful trick or deception.

Nimble typing aside, I’m devoid of dexterity.  When I see jugglers in sync with Dubstep, or card-cutting one-handed, I’m slack-jawed.  I do well to sip my Coke without dribbling.

Clever deceptions.  Have you ever been driving home from someplace and, just as you’re hitting the home stretch, Lightning Bolt! “I think I’ve been had!”?  ‘Good thing you know your neighborhood:  the wheels are turning, but not just on your car; you probably shouldn’t be operating a deadly, two-ton machine.

Evidently, legerdemain takes a lot of forms.  There are plenty of ways to be hoodwinked.  And they do it with finesse, don’t they?  When the wool’s been pulled, I’ve rarely seen it coming.

I wasn’t born yesterday.  But after five decades of the bait and switch, I’m done being Gullible Gertie. If David Copperfield can fool a real-life mugger into into thinking his pockets were empty (while carrying a cell phone, passport, and wallet), I’m not sure I can trust anybody.  But neither do I want to become a Cynical Sue. I want to love my neighbor—but without being an idiot.  Maybe I can be a Discerning Debbie?

No worries.  The hand is not quicker than the eye. Magicians say, “A larger action covers a smaller action.” We learn to recognize sweeping drama.  Any Latent Lie depends on timing, manipulation, and distraction. As for the Subtle Sneak, well, it’s good to be a person of prayer: Heb. 4:13 – all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. 

Yeah, yeah, I could post a long list of times I’ve been lied to.  …I just wish I could say I figured them out by the time my car pulled into the driveway…

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2 Responses to Sleight of Hand

  1. Tamz says:

    I sure hope it wasn’t anyone on OUR row!! “o)

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    ROFL, the money was going IN, not out, HAHA

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