It’s been a full 80 days since we celebrated Christmas.  I’m goin’ there.

Remember the movie, “Elf”?  Santa’s sleigh was equipped with what they called a Believe Meter.  I loved that movie!  But the un-clever plot line was that Santa couldn’t fly because too few people believed.  [Excuse me while I join my cat in coughing up something.]

This corny scene was brought to memory by a good friend of mine, speaking of Matthew 17:20: if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.

We’ve all heard that interpretation, haven’t we?  “If you had even a millimeter of faith, you could do anything.”  Of course, we assume that the converse is true:  My faith must be downright microscopic.  My Believe-O-Meter is registering nil.

We Americans buy our mustard in a jar; we don’t know diddly about it, except that it goes on a hot dog.  (Mustard is ALL that belongs on a hot dog, btw.)  And Christians have extra knowledge: we know it comes from a very small seed.  Aren’t we smart?

Well, maybe not.  Today I learned something.

Jesus chided people for being “of little faith.”  But if a little faith could move a mountain, what’s so wrong with that?

Well, today I learned about the mustard seed.  If you plant tomatoes near peppers, you’ll get spicy tomatoes.  Some plants can’t grow near a black walnut tree, because they take in toxins from it.  But a mustard seed can grow around anything; it’s not affected by its surroundings.

Ah-HA!  Are you getting it?  I thought so.  I have smart readers.

So, if we are not experiencing peace, joy, and victory, it probably has less to do with a low reading on the Believe-O-Meter, than with too high a quantity of moveable, influenced, Bible-less hours.

May our faith be like the mustard seed: unwavering, undaunted, and unaffected—trusting in the LORD, no matter the conditions, circumstances, or neighborhood.  Keep looking up.  (And I’m not talking about Santa Claus.)

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