“Yum; this is really tasty; TRY it!”  ‘Hardly conciliatory words as a spoonful of goo is looming toward your face.

Don’t you just hate that?  It’s simple math: if I wanted to try some, I would already have some.  People don’t get it.  I suppose there’s a remote possibility they’re right.  I mean, possibly, when I wasn’t looking, Brussels sprouts started being yummy.

I doubt it.

For whatever reason, people want you to share in their experiences.  In this regard, the tables are turned:  I’m the one that doesn’t get it.  Well, at least I didn’t.  But yet again, God has thumped me with the frying pan.

Putting myself into another’s shoes has never proven to come natural to me.  There’s always so much on my own plate, Heaven forbid I should be taking other people’s bites of life.

But that frying pan has left a mark.  I’ve learned—Indeed, I am my brother’s keeper.

Forgive the true “weblog” nature of this entry today.  But this has actually pierced me to the core.  While I’ve been beside myself with activity, I never really got beside myself—to stand in others’ shoes.  Their spoonfuls did not look savory or sweet; in fact, they were sometimes smelly.

[This foot-in-mouth allegory is starting to nauseate.  But you get my drift. (hehe.)]

Okay, serious time.

I reckon…  it’s time for a reckoning.  I want to listen better.  I want to ask more questions.  I want to …care.

As I search my soul, what bubbles to the top is not all that pretty.  Working through this, I’ve embarked on a venture to make things right–and it has me feeling sheepish, ashamed, and awkward.  I hate that I needed such a solid thump.

But I do give thanks—for the cross of Jesus Christ.  My sins have been atoned for; God placed them on Jesus, and imputed to me His righteousness.  And, because of who He is, people who belong to Him have shown a supernatural kindness–for which I also am grateful.

That’s the only reason I can even function.  Seriously.  A very dear friend (to whom I owe at least 1,000 more 75-cent coffees) said something this morning I will not soon forget:  “What God is doing, is for what is coming.”

So I’m over my word count today.  But one more note–to those of you (and you know who you are), who have always worn shoes that would be FAR TOO BIG FOR ME, I want to say:

I. Am. Sorry.

And…  can I have a taste?  😉


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