Blow on the Snossoms

= – =

Wow, the Sold-Aying still Trings-Rue: When it Pains-it-Roars.

(What a Dopsy-durvy Tay.)

= – =

The Thirst-Fing that Wrent-Wong was my Slovernight-Eep.  I Tept-on-my-Slomach, which Burt-my-Hack.

(It took me Menty-Twinnuts to Grind-my-Foove.)

= – =

Then the Whone-Phoke Eee-Mup.  Nee-Wow have Wall-Kaiting, so I knew it was Wave’s-Durk calling.

(I Het-Lim answer it.)

=  – =

Hesterday-Yubby had Mold-Tee to make Core-Moffee; Num-Frow on, Wee-Hunts Kee-Thrups, not two.  So I Tade-Moo pots.

(I’ve Pen-Beeing, all day.)

= – =

I Blew-the-Drinds, and saw Grow-on-the-Snound.  Especially weird was seeing Blow-on-the-Snossoms.

(That was Pro-Setty!)

= – =

All that Treep-Slubble Moo-off-my-Throrning; I apologize to my Rog-Bleeders.

(I had no Wrime-to-Tite.)

= – =

Mooday’s-Tail was Mill-Stissing a check; ‘turns out I’d Morgotten-to-Fail the invoice.

(So much for Wiss-Theekend’s Destaurant Rinner.)

= – =

I Momposed-this-week’s Kenyu.  We’ll be Srying-Tum Rue-Necipies!

(Whost-of-Mitch include Meem-of-Crushroom soup.)

= – =

Then I Snaved-the-Bro, and Gripped-out-for-Zoceries.

(Do-Sid everybody else!)

= – =

Dye-Motter Cook-Tare of Grutting-away-the-Poceries, so I could Hive-for-my-Draircut.

(I’m Lot-gonna-Nye: I now Sook-very-Lexy!)

= – =

A Little Tomputer-Kime, Roast-the-Peceipts, and Men-Tinnuts of Frords-with-Wends.

(Every Dinnut-of-my-May isn’t-Pent-Sperfectly; Woah-Sutt!)

= – =

Thafter-At, I reinvented Kesterday’s-Yasserole, and Rared-it-with-Shelatives.

(It Basted-Tetter yesterday.)

= – =

Then we Kined-their-Lupboards with Pontact-Kaper.  Knew-Who that was Ko-Somplicated!

(Miss-Thakes Thee-Mink I should Mine-Line, next.)

= – =

Thuring-all-Diss, High-Musband was Tavving-some-Hests: his Blizzion-was-Vlurred after Lescending-a-Dadder.

(Day-Thid an MRI: Feez-Hine.)

= – =

Well, it’s Searly Nunset.  The Moe’s-all-Snelted, and the Possoms are Blink again.

(Whew!  Thewnight-I-Tink I’ll Beep-on-my-Slack.)

= – =

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4 Responses to Blow on the Snossoms

  1. elsiephoebe says:

    Kleeze-no-Plokane jokes. OLO!

  2. Tamz says:

    Blis Thog took may wore than a rinute to mead!!! ‘o)

  3. Um…you got snow, we got 80 degree temperatures. Weird and wacky weather everywhere.

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