Helping Someone Move

One of my best friends is a realtor.  She considered it because she wanted a job.  She selected it because she likes real estate.  She stuck with it because—well, her stated goal is to make you “outrageously happy.”  I actually get that—sort of.  Years ago, I was an escrow officer.  And I recall a feeling of satisfaction: helping people get into a more suitable place.

Today we’re helping somebody move.  Does that count? Sure! Because on moving day, people call the ones they know love them.  I’m privileged to be on somebody’s short list.  (It’s a nice balance, juxtaposed aside those who have me on their long list!)

You know?  I like this idea of setting aside a Saturday—to help people get from Point A to Point B.  (Maybe I should be a bus driver.)

This has me thinking.   What if, like my realtor friend, I make that my goal:  to make people “outrageously happy”?  I know, it’s not my job.  But it sure would be a fun hobby.  I can think of several people who appear to be residing, somewhat stagnantly, at Point B (physically, mentally, or spiritually).  Maybe what they need is a friend to care enough—to take the time to help open their eyes to beautiful places they never knew existed.  Now that is what I’d call helping someone move!

I’m picturing them a year from now:  no longer stagnant; they’ve begun moving.  It gives me a warm fuzzy.  (As it should.  Our Lord set this example for us, bringing floundering sinners to the Truth, and sending us on the Great Commission.)

So, I’m ready to begin.  ‘No better place to start than today’s move (stairs and all).  After this U‑Haul experience, these dear ones will be in a better place, so to speak.  May they be “outrageously happy.”

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