There Was a Girl


= – =

Once upon a time, there was a girl—

I wonder – can you imagine who?

Her parents divorced early on:

Mom and daughters had to make do.

= – =

They moved around so often,

It was difficult to make friends:

Once she’d meet somebody,

Everything came to an end.

= – =

Then along came a step-father

(Poor excuse of one, to boot).

He drank and yelled and whatnot—

In short, he was a brute.

= – =

After five years of boozing,

And five more just as ghastly,

This chapter, too, was closed—

‘Caught with a girlfriend (nasty).

= – =

Then her twenties were marked by chaos:

More heartaches and broken ties;

Friends ditched, cousins dropped,

Partiers baled, others lied.

= – =

Then, just when she was thinking

Every single hope was lost,

She was purchased by the Lord

(At a very great cost)!

= – =

She’d been utterly discarded

By nearly everyone she’d known.

But now she knows the God of heaven—

And her sins have been atoned.

= – =

She’ll never again feel abandoned

(He won’t leave her, that’s why).

Even though there are disappointments:

People leave.  They even die.

= – =

Her sisters are out of town,

Grandchildren far away,

Relatives are feuding,

And friends have betrayed.

= – =

But the Lord is extremely good:

She has a husband, and a mom,

Two daughters are close by,

And a newly-added son,

In addition to other relatives

(Including a baby boy),

And longtime friends and loved ones—

Her loss is replaced with joy.

= – =

She has a new church family,

And many old friends remain;

Even the smiles on Facebook

Give a peace she can’t explain.

= – =

So when she counts yesterday’s pain,

And remembers how she was treated,

She turns her thoughts to the future—

God’s work isn’t yet completed!

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6 Responses to There Was a Girl

  1. Janelle says:

    So glad we can share in your joy!

  2. Tamz says:

    Just lovely!

  3. themamaduck says:

    I was so very encouraged by your post today!

  4. elsiephoebe says:

    ‘Glad to hear it. It is important for us to keep our eyes forward, and upward.

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