Less is More

Remember helping kids with art projects?  I was always saying, “Less is more.”  I’d do well to remember that when attempting to write a one-minute blog.

This week I’ve had a mishmash of thoughts, and yesterday I foolishly tried to encapsulate them into 300 words.  That just wasn’t enough.  So today—another stab at it:

I wanted to say…  too many people’s main conversation is a regurgitation of what they saw on TV last night.

I wanted to say…  those of us who don’t parrot trendy media quotes feel awkward—which is ironic, since we’re the ones who are …reading…

I wanted to say…  going to museums and galleries doesn’t make you impressive.  It makes you broke.

I wanted to say…  everybody owns high-tech information-gathering equipment, but the pool of thought is coming from a narrow trough.

I wanted to say…  the Bible has roughly 775,000 words.  And it’s living and active.  Why do people discuss so few of them?

I wanted to say…  groups in every venue tend to have a hierarchy of established protocols, limiting discussion and growth for both ends of the spectrum.

I wanted to say…  the current trend is away from more discernment, growing marriages, and a maturing younger generation.

I wanted to say…  what is the appeal of watching murders, dating, and brawls?

I wanted to say…  we’re simple people—we long for the day when we didn’t have to get professional haircuts, and it was okay to wear Grandma’s brooch on a white blouse.

I wanted to say…  having learned how to fit into proper society has (to my shame) occasionally caused me to skip a beat in loving my fellow bumpkins.

I wanted to say…  I march to the beat of a different drummer.  And I get choked up every time I think about those who don’t care for my beat—and avoid me.

I wanted to say…  we’re all—each of us—like a multi-layered pearl, but created in the image of God; sinners in need of the Savior.

I wanted to say…  Can’t we all just get along?

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