This hope we have
as an anchor
of the soul
a hope
both sure and steadfast
and one
which enters within the veil
where Jesus has entered
as a forerunner
for us
having become a high priest

Oh, yeah, my Grammar Divas are giving me the “golf clap.”  I diagrammed Hebrews 6:19-20.

But it also looks a little like algebra:

Hope — Anchor  — Steadfast — Near to God — Jesus — Priest = FOREVER

Jesus is the Anchor set in God’s presence, and to Him I’m solidly tethered.  I get to be here because His death paid for my sins.

Evidently, the rope is wound tightly; I never drift very far.  I’m a big momma, and fat floats.  To my Mateys I must look like a round, pink buoy—bobbing up and down. Ha!  But the ratio must be like 1,000 to 1:  I’m not goin’ anywhere.

On occasion, the wind and waves—even a few sea serpents—have attempted to untie me.  But here I remain.  It seems I am not tied to a floating dock; it must be a Very Big Stone.

Once in awhile, I make the mistake of trying to dog-paddle away from the mooring.  I’m learning that this is a very good way to end up in a torrential downpour at high tide—taking on water.  God tosses me a life preserver and I hang on for dear life, gasping for air–finally landing in a pile of seaweed.

Unpleasant as I find those excursions, each of them has embedded my anchor deeper into the Seabed.  And it’s at those times that I again study the Charts from my Captain, and redirect my vessel to a safer course.

So, let’s tie this up (pardon the pun):  Praise God for a Steadfast Hope!  In God’s presence! Because of Jesus our Forerunner!  FOREVER!

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