Connecting and Reconnecting

Computer geeks tell me they communicate in abbreviations.  How about this one?

C. A. F. —  Computer Algorithm Faux pas

It seems Facebook’s whiz kids didn’t figure in the audacity factor.  Their program is suggesting reconnecting with dead marriages, dead-beat dads, and dead people!


How do you even Tweet that?  Well, I guess something like this: “Facebook suggested I reconnect with somebody who un-friended me last year.  That’s just messed up. 😛  ”

Well, thankfully, I don’t need modern Tech-foolery to expedite my reconnections.  I’ve been doing a lot of it lately, and it’s going swimmingly.

Every one of God’s creations is amazing.  But by far the most amazing creation is the human, i.m.o.  And, not to minimize the splendid work He did on DNA, I’m just gonna say: Some humans are exponentially more amazing than others.

Take a moment and think about the last person with whom you had a good, long talk.  Wasn’t it lovely?  There was commiserating; burden-bearing.  There was something called LOVE.

These last few months, being pro active about introducing myself to new friends, making phone calls to reunite with old ones, sending notes of clarification, setting up coffee with long-lost buddies and apologizing for time lost, and hosting little meals, is proving to be the making of me.  I have been introduced, re-introduced, connected, and reconnected with some of the sweetest, kindest, most gracious people I’ve ever known.

‘Too bad my retardation thwarted enjoying their company before this, or in the interim.  But…

~~Regrets are just rotten, and ruin what’s right;

~~So I’ll treasure today, and keep tenderness tight.

~~The souls I know, who are devoted to Christ,

~~Have shown such forgiveness—to my delight.

~~Detailed descriptions would take me all night,

~~But suffice it to say, my future looks bright!

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