Right now, without turning my head, I can see 30 objects.  I’m entirely steeped in the physical realm.  I’m sure there are angels with me, but I’m not getting a vibe: no sound, shape, smell, taste, or texture.  Nope, all I’ve got are tangibles.

My missionary friend reminds us of contrasts across the globe.  Some remote Africans, to get 30 objects, could be scrambling for a lifetime.  Things are simple there.  When her child has an infection, she doesn’t hop in her SUV and pick up an antibiotic.  This is a spiritual matter.  If she is Christian, she kneels down on her grass mat, and says a prayer.

When we’ve been out on our evening walk, and later we get an itch, we know it was a mosquito.  But she says, “I want to know who made the mosquito bite me.”  It’s ironic: we’re all about physics; cause and effect—but with our naturalist worldview, it is we Westerners who are primitive.

If a storm is brewing, we touch our iPhone, view the forecast, and high-tail it.  But the African Christian stops, prays, and walks home: when he shuts the door just before downpour, it’s no a miracle; answered prayer is no surprise.

Ps. 34:7   The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them.

In the States, some people talk about angels and demons.  Some claim to know the localities of principalities.  But God’s Word doesn’t tell us where they are, and my senses are no help.  So I focus on the Lord.  And I pray.  Indeed, there is darkness!  There are evil shenanigans afoot!  There are intangibles.  As for God’s power, I can’t fathom what He can do.

But I do pray.  Because He brings people from Darkness to Light — Oppression to Freedom — Fear to Trust — Violence to Peace — Deception to Honesty — Cursing to Blessing — Rejection to Kindness.

Yes.  I pray.

And finally, I’ll remember another reminder from my missionary friend.  Whenever I speak of the Lord, I will pocket my worldview.  Years ago, out on the mission field, my friend sensed this conviction:  “……Don’t sell Me short……”

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2 Responses to Intangibles

  1. RJW says:

    Hi Laura, I like your thoughts. I always say that we complicate everything when really it’s a very simple gospel. Jesus says “only believe”. I guess it’s because we have so many tangibles/options.

  2. RJW says:

    Hi there, if you would like to visit my primary blog, it’s at “”. I didn’t realize my first blog ‘thyexcellentname” was still active until yesterday. I can’t figure out how to delete the unwanted blogs that I have created. Can anybody help. Thanks much.

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