Not Responding

My computer is showing signs.  The dinosaur icon lingers, the screen fades: “Not Responding.”

I was thinking that would be a great placard to carry, for strategic junctures.  Like yesterday’s party when I said, “In those days I was really naive.”  So Mom blurted out, “You still are!”  Enter the placard: “Not Responding.”

It’s not that my computer doesn’t want to respond.  It does—with all its drive.  But it cannot.  For various reasons, it must remain silent.  It cannot adequately assimilate all the information—coded, jumbled, outsourced, and resourced—tucked hither and yon between dated software.

I need a Technician to strip the mother board down to a black hole!

My anti-virus program is free of charge.  It’s called Ostrich.  Have you heard of it?  It prevents information overload:  You just stick your head in the ground.

I also have a personal Firewall.  Here’s the access code: Psalm 18:2.

And I don’t let my Windows update automatically.  I maintain tight controls over my windows. When I want them updated, I do it manually.

I also have Anti-Spyware for those browsers and hackers.  It’s called Nunya Bizniz.

Last but not least, I’m careful about what I download from the Internet.  Some things worm their way into your hard drive.  Once there, it’s hard to offload them.

I conduct frequent Scans, and cover the entire system with a tool I was first introduced to 30 years ago: CleanWord.

Computers and the Web—IMO—are a Wild West of uncharted territory.  I employ as many safeguards as I can.  Take every click captive to the obedience of the One who made it all.

Mouse wisely, Grasshopper.

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