After God’s Own Heart

I love it when I’m washing dishes on Monday, and find myself singing a chorus from Sunday.  “Break my heart for what breaks Yours…!”

But when I sing that, I can’t help but consider:  Is that my prayer?  Do I want God to break my heart for what breaks His?  As for the mind of Christ, I am… intermittent.  I’m glad salvation isn’t about grading on a curve.  Where would I land on this scale? beast… having ten horns = “F ‑ Fail” //  “A ‑ Outstanding” = Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.

The whole idea is giving me the willies.

God is so amazing.  I’d like nothing better than to care about the things God cares about.  Granted, sometimes I do: when I hear of a vile news item, it grieves the Spirit in me.  My heart breaks over immorality, disputes, drunkenness, and dishonor.  I long for a world filled with love, kindness, and self-control.  [Come, Lord Jesus!]

The truth is, though — it’s only our flesh that thwarts having God’s heart.  It’s not that complicated:

–Though He’s the only One who deserves love, He’s the first One to give love.

–Though He is all-powerful and deserves the most honor, He is others-focused.

–Though He owns the universe, He has compassion and ministers to the poor.

–Though He never did a single thing wrong, His love covers multitudes of sins.

–Though He is loving, kind, and faithful, He still feeds and clothes even His enemies.

–Though He is outside of time itself, He proclaims liberty to captives.

When we think of what is in God’s heart, the stuff we fill our minds with—foolishness, grumblings, and petty misunderstandings—seem rather dirty, don’t they?  Wouldn’t we do better (Romans 12)—to prayerfully love without hypocrisy, hate evil, prefer others, share our wealth, persevere in hope, and be at peace?

So I close this blog, still singing this prayer:   Break my heart for what breaks Yours…

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3 Responses to After God’s Own Heart

  1. Tamz says:

    Such true words: “I long for a world filled with love, kindness, and self-control. [Come, Lord Jesus!]” … in myself first. ‘o)

  2. BillyTheShark says:

    Such a powerful example Christ is. Looking at His life and work really shows us what kind of perspective we need.

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