Dealing with Authority – With as Few Hang-ups as Possible

If not for God, I’d be a wreck:  absent dad; drunk step-father; lousy young-adulthood; and a string of other sinners over the years wielding authority over me.  How come, then, I’m not a wreck?  I’m glad you asked.  Here are some of my personal policies.  Some of them might seem harsh.  Well, in my experience, some people are harsh.  I try to season these with love, and want to acknowledge right here that sometimes I fail.  Nonetheless, here it is:

= – =

God is my [only] Controller.

Jesus is my Shepherd.

The Spirit is my power.

The Bible is my guide.

I must pray.

I won’t be manipulated.

I obey as God leads me.

My identity is mine.

No one tells me who not to love.

Sin is not excused due to rank.

I prefer people who can take criticism.

When in harm’s way, I escaped.

I work hard to not let it “jade” me.

I rely on God to calm stress.

Each situation further opens my eyes.

Play-actors don’t fool me.

The arrogant don’t impress me.

Special revelation?  Flushhh!

Oppression = Depression.

My brain.  My decisions.

Guilt is not exploitation.

No peer pressure.

Ask questions.  Then ask some more.

I’m wary of people who report to nobody.

I get intimidated, but undaunted.

I’m not afraid of threats.

I try not to be outnumbered.

Humiliation doesn’t faze me. 😉

I won’t listen if someone misuses Scripture.

I guard my personal details.

No room for stupid rules.

I fear no one but God.

Middle management: Ha!

Chihuahuas don’t change guard dogs.

I openly rebuke blame-shifters.

Burdens get divvied up fairly.

I defer some tasks to the delegator.

Hypocrites are hinky; I like honesty.

My peeps’ mantra:  h.u.m.i.l.i.t.y.

I have a large circle of support.

I don’t work for lousy bosses.

Double-standards are always wrong.

Turn trials into lessons.

Turn regrets into resolve.

Turn anger into peace.

Turn grief into hope.

I don’t exceedingly mourn losses.

I replaced what was lost with good things.

I didn’t let anyone shut me down (for long).

If I’m unhappy, it’s up to me to fix it.

I work at properly prioritizing.

Everyone sins.  I must forgive.

Nobody’s better than me. (or worse.)

I can confront when necessary.

My neighbor’s mote doesn’t negate my log.

I rarely bottle things up.

I must confess, repent, and walk with God.

I enjoy my freedom in Christ.

God causes all things for my good.

I study God’s character.

I pursue peace.

I have fun!

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2 Responses to Dealing with Authority – With as Few Hang-ups as Possible

  1. Laura, I’m not quite sure how I happened upon your blog, but i really liked this post. Good for you! I think we could all benefit from putting some of our own rules or non-negotiables in writing.

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