Oppression is a Dirty Word

WARNING: This Blog May be Hazardous to Your Machismo.

Has this happened to you?  You offer to help, and somebody bites your head off?  You’re taken aback—but then you remember: this person is like that dog you rescued (thanks for that, by the way):  somebody, somewhere, has pounded this poor puppy!  It’s sad but true: some folks have baggage—so your kind intention is perceived as Gestapo tactics.

I totally get it.  You see, this morning when my motives were misunderstood, I reiterated that I, too, have been pounded down. I begged to be given the benefit of the doubt, that I make a point of not treating people that way.

I’m going to cut to the chase:  part of my pounding was being told that God created men to serve Him—and then women were added later (“in a mediated fashion”), to serve the men (“the woman … has her glory through the man”).  For the record, men invented that theory (no brainer LOL);  God didn’t: Genesis 1:26-28 speaks of mankind, which includes womankind.  And He said, “let them rule.”

I’m glad I listened to my husband.   …Yes, you read that correctly:  it was my dear David who first drew my attention to this extra-biblical, “liberal” teaching.

“Oppression” a la Wiki:

–  exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. 

–  a consequence of…the assumption that the given target is in some way inferior.

–  the will to power over others…as aggressive over-compensation for … feelings of inferiority.

Men and women were created in God’s image.  Not only is He power, protection, and providence, He is also parental, compassionate, and loving.  God invites all kinds—young, old, male, female, Jew, Gentile.  At the feet of Christ, there is no back seat.

Regarding Ephesians 5, please know this: my husband and I enjoy a Biblical marriage.  He is the head of the home, as Christ is Head of the church—the shepherd that leads us to God.  Scripture shows marriages as having no pecking order in their glory:  created in God’s image, it is a glory that is spiritual.

Thankfully, Hubby has brought me alongside him.  I like it here.

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