I’ve been reborn in Christ.  …Dude: I don’t do dope.  But when I was dead, we knew the word Buzzkill: anything that takes the edge off your fluff, a downer, something that ruins your good mood; a killjoy.
This dynamic is not exclusive to potheads:  nobody likes a killjoy.  It’s selfish, but true!  You’re minding your own business, basking in the sunshine, or enjoying a country drive.  Then BAM!  Somebody brings up Monday.  Why would they do that!  Major buzzkill, Man.

Here’s the twist:  I’m going to confess something:  I’m a Buzzkill.  If there’s an instinct for when to keep things light, my synapse has a malfunction.  To me, it’s always the right time to bring up Monday—or the budget, the To-Do list, or the State of the Union.  It doesn’t occur to me that such bombshells can deflate a Saturday afternoon.  (BTW, don’t misread me:  I’m not referring to a specific Pollyanna recipient of a single faux pas.)

This symptom may be a side effect of one of my other maladies:  Resilience.  As a kid enduring verbal abuse, I learned to practice something (not always easy, but not impossible):  My Joy Depends on No One Else’s Behavior.  Thus, I can easily forget—how easy it is to be a Buzzkill.

This is where I need to think outside of the box (that box being SELF).  It always goes back to God’s perfect design in making us diverse: don’t be terse; put your tongue in reverse.  I want to better anticipate others’ responses.  (Goodness knows I shouldn’t expect them to be like me; I’m an anomaly!)

That country drive is not an end in itself; it is a means to an end (ice cream, hopefully? hehe).  No, that end is 1 Thess. 4:3:  For this is the will of God,  your sanctification.  God’s amazing Creation is a blessing, but also a vehicle and venue for opportunities to engage.  As much as I like ice cream, the best destination of that country drive is the place where I’m listening carefully and flowing along graciously.  And when we approach a fork in the road, may we follow the path to where iron sharpens iron.

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2 Responses to Buzzkill

  1. Shar says:

    Thanks for the great reminder today Laura.
    My A-type personality needs to learn contentment with a B or C sometimes too!

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